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hello world

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I couldn't find a better way to start something with the classic "hello world". The idea of this blog is to communicate, share knowledge and experiences of my everyday interaction with technology. I'm lucky and very grateful to do what I love as a daily job. And during my free time, I like to keep learning and stay current, and for that, I built my home lab, which can be a whole dedicated topic (I'm going to share a lot about this).

What topics would I like to cover? on top of my mind (but not limited to):

  • Home Lab (I like to play and build my home lab systems)
  • Virtualization
  • Network Security
  • IT and Security Automation and Orchestration
  • Scripting
  • Python and Golang
  • Fortinet Solutions (where I work hehe)
  • SIEM - Log Management - Data Analytics
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Pentesting
  • And any other topic that catches my attention. :)
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